Workshop on Team Building and Action Planning

Workshop on Team Building and Action Planning
Date: August 8-10, 2018
Place: NAFRI Office, Dongdok, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Northern Uplands Development Programme (NUDP) is a Programme-Based Approach (PBA) initiative of the Lao Government. In December 2017, the NUDP Phase I was officially completed. After the field mission by AFD, they accentuated the limited interactions between the Small Agriculture Rural Infrastructure (SARI) and Eco-Friendly Intensification and Climate resilient Agricultural Systems (EFICAS) components and the lack of time to ensure sustainability of the activities undertaken.

SARI and EFICAS components of NUDP drafted the proposal for extension and was submitted to AFD. This was also approved by AFD for funding. The extension would still be implemented in the initial three provinces namely Phongsaly, LouangPrabang, and Houaphanh. The SARI and EFICAS have joint venture to develop NUDP 2, especially the sustainability and economic opportunities for its beneficiaries. The two components strategically collaborate with the 7 pilot villages of the 4 districts of the 3 provinces.

To make sure that the project goes smoothly with team members leveled-off in terms of understanding the objectives and goals of the project; therefore, this workshop was proposed to build the teams and motivate them to contribute to the achievement of the set targets and goals. In addition, the workshop also aims to census the capacity and competency of each staff in achieving NUDP 2.2 goals.

The activity aims to:
• Clarify the goals and objectives of the project to each staff with deeper comprehension and taking a right tract for NUDP 2
• Census the capacity/competency of SARI and EFICAS staff in contributing himself/herself to the achievement of the goals
• Develop an action plan and conduct training on Project Accounting and Finance Management
Activities we had are:
1. Team Building: Review of NUDP phase 1 Accomplishment, activities for the remaining period of NUDP 2.2, Revised activities based on the NUDP 2.2 Directions and Strategies. Most important factors for the community ownership. In addition, a couple of team building activities were conducted: Golf contest (Day 1) and Human Chain (Day 2). The participants reflected on the lessons from the two activities. The lessons learnt are presented below.
2. Workshop on Action Plan
The aim of the workshop was to develop an Action Workplan with the provincial teams based on their common understanding of the NUDP 2.2 objectives and goals from Activities 2 of first day, At the end of the activity, the participants were able to identify their proposed activities including the schedule and budget requirement, The finalized workplan will be included in the revised inception report and will be submitted to AFD soon.
3. Training on Project Accounting and Finance Management
The training aimed to:
• Review basic understanding about project accounting and finance management
• Regular monthly reports
• Tools and materials for monitoring/ Financial forms
• Monthly role and responsibilities of finance person
• Coordination improvement between NPCO and PPCOs
In general, the 3-day workshop was successful and the team was able to achieve its objectives. All staff of the programme (central, provincial, district) grasped and realized the goals and objectives of NUDP 2.2. With the assistance from key experts, the provinces were able to develop an initial workplans. Moreover, the training on project accounting and financial management capacitated the finance teams from both central and provincial level.

Conducting the workshop with three sessions: team building; action planning; and financial management training was cost-effective. However, for future references, the team suggests for a longer duration of activity to allow the participants to have sufficient time to brainstorm and finalize their activities and also to capture more queries on financial aspect and longer time for hands-on training.

NUDP, 15/08/2018
Source: Northern Upland Development Programme

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