Supporting the Vientiane Declaration

The Vientiane Declaration is the agreement between the Government of Lao and its development partners (DPs) to try to make aid more effective.  Through the SWGARD. NUDP will support forums that bring government and development partners together to discuss Upland policies and provide opportunities for DPs to align their actions with government policy.


Delivery of Aid by Development Partners is more effective and increasingly based on Vientiane Declaration Principles.


The SWGARD has the responsibility to support the monitoring and review of the Vientiane Declaration. – Country Action Plan (VD-CAP).

The three key areas it does this in are:

  1. Strategy costing, prioritization and sequencing: assist in the costing of the strategy, help prioritise and sequence the required investments taking account of the total resources predicted to be available for the sector from domestic resources, Official Development Assistance and Foreign Direct Investment.
  2. Track and align ODA and mobilize resources: in partnership with DIC and using the Aid Management Platform (AMP), ensure that externally financed programmes, projects and technical assistance is accurately recorded in the AMP. Analyse whether existing and future resources are aligned with the national priorities as set out in the NSEDP and Sector Strategy. Identify financing gaps and develop and implement resource mobilization strategy, seeking advice from MPI and MoF
  3. VD-Country Action Plan: review the VD-CAP and identify which of the 40 actions are most relevant at this point in time to the sector. Identify current baseline and future target for these actions, and assign responsibilities to ministry staff and DPs for implementation. Monitor progress every year to 18 months, providing updates to DIC. All the roles listed above are among the actions set out in the VD-CAP. There are others, such as harmonization of donor reporting requirements, harmonization of procurement procedures, and progress towards multi-year financial commitments.