Developing GOL Capacities to Manage ODA Cross-Sectoral Programmes


As government takes over more responsibilities from the Development Partners for implementing development projects and programmes it will need to build its management capacities. NUDP will support reviews of Government financial and technical management capacities and help strengthen areas of weakness.

In particular, physical facilities and human resources required for large cross-sectoral programme management will be improved and a means of financing a larger programme through the use of government financial procedures will be identified.


More effective GOL systems for ODA funded programme and project management will be in place, notably conditions for the funding and implementation of a full fledged PBA for rural development in the Northern Uplands.

Activities/Result Areas

  • Physical facilities and Human Resources required for large cross-sectoral programme management are improved at targeted levels and by the end of the fourth year contribution has been made by the NUDP to the elaboration of road maps toward a systematic use of GOL systems.
  • A single comprehensive budget framework articulated to GOL resources for Uplands development is elaborated
  • Adequate tools are available for funding and implementing the Uplands PBA


    endorsed Uplands Development Strategy is translated into an Uplands programmatic approach