Local Governance and Planning


Increasing pressure on land resources through foreign and local investments, the resettlement of very remote villages and a growing population, as well as partially outdated local knowledge of agricultural production, requires strategic management of Farmingland and natural resources.

This component lays the foundation for implementation of an inter-sectoral PBA after completion of the NUDP. A major tool to reach this target will be the harmonization and better linkage of integrated planning procedures at the village, kumban and district levels with each other, to better coordinate public investments and to develop tools to guide private investments and align project interventions.


Local ownership, implementation and coordination of village, kumban and district development plans are improved.

Activities/Results areas

The main results will include:

  1. Standardised methodology for pro-poor participatory and integrated planning at village and kumban level is applied (based on progress of harmonization process between MPI and NLBRD)
  2. Methodology for integration of village and kumban plans into district planning procedures is developed and applied
  3. Capacities of government officials for planning, M&E, and data collection strengthened
  4. Integrated and participatory rural development plans at village, kumban and district level are available
  5. Implementation of priority activities in NRM in each target kumban has started
  6. Non-ANR sector line departments and projects/donors are aware of intersectoral development plans