Policy making and Capitalization


Policy dialogue and knowledge capitalization are key functions  NUDP through of the Sub-Working Group on Agriculture and Rural Development. In order to carry this out, policy related research is needed that provides decision makers and other actors with the right information to make appropriate decisions related to different aspects of agriculture and rural development. Government planners and high level decision-makers are now confronted with very complex decisions which could have unintended impacts. Often they do not have the right information on the costs and benefits or impacts that different pathways might lead to. Likewise, many donors have an interest in contributing to policy dialogue processes and the government would like support in improving the implementation of some of its key policies.

The NUDP plays a key role in fostering and facilitating policy dialogue, particularly through the Sector Working Group on Agriculture Rural Development.

In order to support policy making and implementation NUDP will support research on Uplands rural development. NUDP experience and the impacts of rural development policies will be documented and the results will be disseminated thorough publications and workshops. The work will be supported by a fund to help finance the research.

The implementation of this component will require the mobilization of teams from all the Ministries and agencies involved in the NUDP and particularly from research units or teams involved into supporting the policy making process as well as capitalization activities.


Government agencies involved in the NUDP will receive from their respective policy research/capitalization units relevant policy and capitalization material related to Uplands rural development that enable them to formulate timely adequate Uplands policies, plans and programmes.

Activities/Result areas

  • Policy making unit of agencies/ministries involved in the implementation of the NUDP have acquired better capacities
  • Evidence based policy documents are elaborated and NUDP experience is capitalized and disseminated
  • A multi-sectoral strategy for the development of the Northern Uplands is developed and receives endorsement
  • During the course of the NUDP, decentralized govt structures involved in the NUDP implementation receive regular required trainings on existing policies and strategies.