Where we work

NUDP works in high priority districts in three provinces in the north of Lao PDR. These districts were chosen based on consultation with a range of actors and on poverty-related criteria. Huaphan, Luang Prabang and Phongsaly are considered to be three of the poorest provinces in the north. Click on a province to learn more about NUDP's work there.

To have a closer look at our target cluster villages (Kumban) click here

Houaphan Province

  1. Viengxay District
  2. Houameung District
  3. Xone District
  4. Hium District

Luangprabang Province

  1. Pakseng District
  2. Phonxay District
  3. Viengkham District

Phongsaly Province

  1. Mai District
  2. Koua District
  3. Samphan District

Lao North Map